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How to Get Over Someone

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hello sisters and fellow brethren,

Here is the recipe babes

First of all, if you are no longer with this soul-sucking individual I applaud you. However, if you are still allowing that vampire to feed on you, hunni you got to bring out the garlic, sunshine, and wooden stakes. So here is the deal sisters.

1. CUT THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY! Now, sweeties, you cannot be so sweet anymore. You cannot think about how they are feeling. It is time to focus on you for once. You wouldn't be in this predicament if that vampire hadn't been so damn selfish. If you feel guilty about this, think about all the times he didn't care about your feelings. So block, remove, unfriend, or make his contact name "douchebag" or "cheater" or "remind yourself with "just don't" or "vampire" (all purposely lower case because they don't deserve anything more) whatever you need to do DO IT NOW. BYE MOTHER BLANKER.

2.TIME FOR BAD BITCH TRANSCENDENCE. Sisters this is it. Time for the world to see that confident and unbothered bad bitch inside you. This is what I want you to do right now. If you have anything of his you can either A. Box it up and shove it right up his.. joking..kinda. Put it somewhere you won't go looking through it again. OR B. Do as my lovely father told me. He said "Why don't you burn it and get some real warmth out of it" so I laughed and I did as I was told. Now that those constant reminders are warming you up not bringing you down, I want you to listen to some Bad Bitch music. This is crucial and you must keep this playlist on repeat for as long as it takes. ABSOLUTELY NO SAD MUSIC. I will list my Spotify for the many many songs that truly guided me. Lastly, call up your girlfriends (AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE ALL GOING TO BE THRILLED YOU FINALLY DROPPED THAT DEAD WEIGHT) and O.D. on girl nights and those sweet sweet melodies of freedom, you Baddie, you. P.s. Post some hot pics on Instagram. Is it vain, maybe, is it acceptable in this damn day and age, 100%. Get out there, baby. P.s.s. If you can't love yourself, how can you love someone else?

MY SPOTIFY: Indigo Dougherty Playlist: Bad Bitch

3. So I am guessing the Bad Bitch phase didn't last quite long enough. Don't worry about it sweetheart I got you. I want to invite you to watch these YouTube videos that personally saved me.




Please watch all 3 of these short videos and try to take all that information to heart and feel it in your soul. I promise these videos have saved my ass more times than I can count. Whenever you are feeling lonely or vulnerable watch these and I promise they will remind you that you made the right decision. Take The Path of Growth, Baby girl.

4. Sisters.. You are all deserving of a wonderful beautiful man because you are worth it. Why are you going to continue to jeopardize your chances of meeting your soulmate by staying with that soul-sucking vampire just because it is comfortable? My Mom often tells me about what my grandpa used to tell her about the substandard boyfriend she kept going back to. My grandpa would say "I don't know what to tell you anymore, you remind me of the mice that live in the sugar cane fields. When they set the fields on fire to harvest, all the mice run out of the field and are confused and unfamiliar with their surroundings so they run back into the fire". Moral of the story, don't be a mouse, and just as the great Lil Donald once said many times "You don't deserve that, you can do better". HE IS SO RIGHT! You deserve the best though actually. Want better for yourself. Have enough self-respect to say no to someone who's only thoughts are focused on how to make themselves feel better. They may plead and beg and cry for you to take them back but don't give in to their smooth-talking. Don't give them the satisfaction that you'll always come back to them one way or another. They feel like shit and they want you to make them feel good again. They don't want you back because they love you. That isn't love. If you have read this far. He isn't it, girl.

GIRLS you deserve a William Wallace who will defeat a whole English army for you, and if you don't know who I'm talking about you need to watch Braveheart immediately, you uncultured swine. Refuse to settle with someone that is just "okay" or "fine" OR (MY FAVORITE) "he's fun for now" that is a complete lie to yourself. Keep yourself away from the inevitable thoughts of "What if he is the one" or "What if I don't find someone better" or "Maybe he changed this time" these are all bullshit misconceptions that your insecurities have made up. You either don't believe you deserve better or you are a sugar cane mouse who is afraid of change. I am here to tell you hunni that you do deserve better, anyone in the world deserves better, and it's okay to be scared. Just having the courage to leave is the hard part. So pick that beautiful head of yours up, shoulders back, and chests out Sisters and deny access to those who are trying to control you.

Go out and do the DAMN thing baby. Make yourself happy. Don't ever depend on someone else for your happiness and joy. Find those hobbies you've been neglecting and that self-care you have been putting off. Love yourself because as the Bad Bitch her self says, Demi Lovato "Cause I'm a ten out of ten even when I forget it". Get your health and fitness in check, read that book you haven't cracked open, call those friends you've been neglecting, paint that sad room of yours, make back that money you've spent, start that project you've always dreamt of, travel to that destination you've talked about all your life. You only have this minimal time where you can do whatever you please without the responsibilities of another person or CHILDREN. Right now is the ultimate time where your freedom is limitless. Never wish that away. Become your best so you can be your best for the ones you love. Be the person you wish to find.

I pray that this has helped because believe me, I've been through it all. This is your Big Sister signing off and reminding you are who you've been looking for. All the love. All the light.

Feel free to comment any questions or your own advice! Hugs xoxo

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